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Trips Out

Situated in the Middle Atlas part of Morocco, Meknes is an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding area that includes the Atlas Mountains and the wonderful Atlantic beaches that are only 1 and 1/2 hours away.

The magnificent Roman town of Volubilis and the holy town of Moulay Idris embody much of Morocco’s early history; Volubilis as its provincial capital and Moulay Idris in the creation of the country’s first Arab dynasty. They are situated on the ledge of a long, high plateau and the location and drama of the sunsets are not to be missed.
Both sites can be taken in on a leisurely day trip out and are only a short drive or bus ride out.

You can also head west towards Rabat and visit the small market town of Khemisset and the striking Lake Roumi or south to the towns of Ifran El Hajeb and Azrou. The route to the latter takes you through cedar forests inhabited by Barbary apes that are more than happy to be fed bananas (from a distance!).

The magnificent Roman ruins of Volubilis

Barbary apes on the road to Azrou

A minaret over the medieval city, Fez

A view of the Atlas mountains beyond Fez

One of Fez's famous leather tanneries